The Joy of Laughter
We’re both rather silly. Pretty daft really. We laugh at trump noises, make lots of silly faces and basically are big children. So, what better way to spend our time then wiggling and giggling with adults and children!

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About Us

Hello, we're Laughtercise; it's ever so nice to meet you. We hear you say 'Laughtercise...are they having a laugh?!' Well, yes...yes we are. And do you know who else is having a laugh? Everyone who has a Laughtercise session!
We’re about worldwide wiggles and global giggles. We're proud to be one of the world’s fastest growing feel-good wellbeing brands. We’ve delivered sessions and videos to adults and children in 84 countries.
We took off in May 2020. We delivered fun virtual sessions to organisations who were in need of lockdown blues being lifted. We helped people turn 'feel-a-bit-rubbish' into 'feel-good'. We had some lovely feedback!


5 Star Ratings
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Mrs Shepherdson, 

Laughtercise have had the biggest impact on the wellbeing of our children that this school has ever seen. 

Mrs Rees-Thomas

I utilise the videos to support the children's concentration. We've seen improved confidence, calmness and creativeness. 


All the smiles and happy faces....  IT was wonderful to see.  I feel ready to take on the world again.


It was exactly what everyone needed, laughter and movement!